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One Day Yellowstone Air Tour

This one day Yellowstone air tour departs from the Salt Lake City airport, the closest major airport to the park.  You will see so many of Yellowstone's famous sights, including Old Faithful, in just one day!  More information on this Yellowstone tour can be seen here.
When you get to Yellowstone, your guide will be waiting for you to whisk you into the park, which is literally just minutes away!  Apart from the incredible natural beauty and the wildlife, Yellowstone is most famous for its thermal features - the geysers, hot springs, mud pots and fumaroles.  This is what the tour will focus on mainly, and yes, you will watch the world's most famous gusher, Old Faithful, erupting!         Continued below
Yellowstone tours Yellowstone tours

We will travel east into Yellowstone, and see how the great fire of 1988 decimated the park, just after we cross into the state of Wyoming. The Madison River is to the north, and there is often wildlife to be seen here, particularly bison and elk.  At Madison Junction we'll turn right or south, and the first geyser area at which we will stop is the Lower Geyser Basin.  You can walk through the basin, taking in the almost other worldly sights, including several geysers, mud pots, hot springs and even a fumarole (we'll explain!).

Yellowstone tour Yellowstone tours

Next up is the Midway Geyser Basin, home to one of the biggest hot springs in the world, as well as a defunct geyser.  You will see that the colors here are spectacular, as are the steam and mist which often surround the basin.

Old Faithful and the Upper Geyser Basin are just down the road, and you'll have a chance to watch the world's most famous geyser erupt.  There is a lot more to the Upper Basin than just Old Faithful though, and with any luck we'll be able to see other geysers erupting as well.  The Old Faithful Inn is a wonderful old wooden building, and is also well worth a visit. 


Those are the main destinations on this Yellowstone tour, but there will be many other stops as well.  There are various other areas with thermal features, as well as wildlife, and places of beauty and interest along the way.  Basically we will stop whenever there is something to see or to be photographed, and those occur in abundance!

After your tour you will be taken back to the airport, for your flight back to the Salt Lake City airport, where the tour ends.  Note that the air portion refers only to the transportation to and from Yellowstone.  The tour can be seen in almost hour by hour detail here, where it can also be ordered. 




Yellowstone tours


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Yellowstone Air Tours From Salt Lake City
Salt Lake is the closest major airport to Yellowstone.  Air tours run from June through September

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