Terms and Conditions

We regret that neither cancellations nor changes will be accepted. Refunds will not be given. A purported or attempted cancellation will result in the entire amount being due, and being charged to your card immediately.

All times are approximate. We are not responsible for the consequences of any delays, and this itinerary and its details may change without notice.  After ordering please wait for our email confirmation prior to making arrangements that are dependent on this tour.

Service may not be available at certain times and dates. Some tours and services require minimums. Parts of tours may be subcontracted to other reputable suppliers.

The name on your credit card statement is USA Park Tours. Your credit card will be charged at the time you place this reservation.

We cannot be responsible if adverse weather, road closures, traffic or other factors out of our control, result in parts of the tour not being run. Should this occur, our only liability will be the cost of the part of the tour that is omitted.

When you travel, please ensure you have with you the credit card you used to make this reservation as we will need to make an imprint of it. The card should be in your name and if that is not possible, please advise at the time you make the reservation, as our credit card authorization documents will need to be completed.

Please wait to receive a confirmation email from us before making any plans that are dependent on this tour.

The words “airplane” and “helicopter” in a tour title or description refer solely to the sightseeing portion of the tour from Las Vegas, and not the transportation from any other city, which is solely transportation and not a tour.

If the tour or service you ordered has an air leg, you will need to send us a photo or copy of the credit card you used, as well as your official photo identification. You can pay by Paypal or by bank wire/transfer if you do not want to send these documents. We need these documents to cut down on Internet fraud. We have to pay our airplane supplier for the flights, and once they have been paid for, the amount is non-refundable to us. We have to make sure that the credit card belongs to the person who says that it is theirs, so that we do not lose the amount we have to pay the air supplier.

If your tour has an air component, and you bring checked luggage with you, there is a checked luggage fee which you will need to pay.

If the tour or transportation you reserve has an air component and you wait too long before booking, or if you book for a busy time, the price may go up as a result of increased flight pricing. If this is the case we will always advise you beforehand and check if you want to proceed. The same principle is applicable with hotel prices.

Service may be refused to anyone, at our sole discretion.

Las Vegas hotels have a resort fee, which you will need to pay at check in, if your tour includes a stay In Las Vegas.

Please refer to the page from which you ordered for other terms and conditions that may be relevant to that tour or service.

Any disputes, or any legal action, arising from this reservation are governed by the laws of the United States of America. Legal actions or proceedings of any kind may only be brought or heard in court in Summit County, Utah.