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Salt Lake City is our main point of departure for our winter Yellowstone tours, as it is the closest major airport. You will take a shuttle to West Yellowstone, passing through northern Utah, Idaho and Montana along the way.  When you get to West Yellowstone you will be welcomed by one of our team, over a dinner that comes with the tour.  Your adventure starts tomorrow when you will be going into Yellowstone, either in a snowcoach or driving your own snowmobile.  Please see this winter Yellowstone tour in more detail here, or carry on reading below.

Yellowstone snowmobile tours Winter Yellowstone tour
While you will obviously need to bring warm clothes with you, if you decide to go snowmobiling you will be provided with warm snowmobiling gear.  On one of the days in the park you will travel to Old Faithful geyser, passing various of the other geyser basins on the way, where you will stop and walk around.  At Old Faithful you will be able to explore the area, watch the world's most famous geyser erupt, and take in some of the other geysers and sights.  There will be a lot of wildlife to be seen as well. 

On the other day in the park you will travel to Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  You can once again go by either snowmobile or snowcoach, and on the way you will pass thermal features as well as more wildlife.  There will be many stops on the way.  Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is even more amazing in the winter than it is in the summer, and the photo opportunities are endless. 

There is the option on the third day in West Yellowstone to enjoy a day snowmobiling on your own outside the park.  This is completely different to snowmobiling inside the park.  Today you can let rip as you travel over some of the hundreds of miles of trails through the forests and mountains of the region.

Please see this Yellowstone tour in a lot more detail







Yellowstone tours


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